To reach the El Limon Waterfall, guided horseback treks are offered. This is the largest of all four waterfalls.


National park 

Los Haitises – National park is a protected nature area. Where you will enjoy a breathtaking day, with all that nature can offer.


Beach tours

You can enjoy the beautiful & idyllic Caribbean beaches, while drinking a coco loco or a pineapple filled with rum, or perhaps just a coffee, or cola, and you can also enjoy delicious seafood such as lobster, red-snapper, or Dorado as well as Chicken or meat dishes. This is highly recommended as a day tour, but can also be for just a few hours. The Beach day tour can be combined with diving. For example Dive number 1, then over to the island for lunch & relaxation, then continue with dive number 2 or While the diver, is diving, the family can enjoy a wonderful day on the beach, with all the beauty’s it has to offer.


City trip

This is a trip that you can customize, for example to the Main City or to another place of your choice or a combination of these can also be spread over several days.

Zip-Line, a speculator attraction.

The Zip-line experience consist of 13 stations, on completion you will arrive at waterfall Lulu. On arrival to the waterfall, you can enjoy delicious refreshments of local food & drink as well as a swim.


Quad Tour & Jeep Safari

This is for the Adventurous.



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